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Aloe vera benefits for men

Aloe vera has been known as a medicinal and beauty plant since historical times. The ancient Greeks regarded it as a universal panaceae whilst the ancient Egyptians regarded it as a plant of immortality. All over the world, Aloe vera holds a special place in traditional and folkloric medicine. In China, Japan, Americas, Europe and Africa, the Aloe vera plant plays a critical role in beauty, health and traditional medicine practises. The plants that belong to the aloe species all have several things in common. These plants have a high medicinal value and therefore they are used in folkloric and modern medicine to treat several diseases. They are also actively essential in the production of many beauty products and food supplements. That’s why we have Aloe gels, soaps, lotions and health supplements. In this article, I will discuss Aloe vera benefits for men.

Aloe vera benefits for men

Whilst the focus is on Aloe vera benefits for men, these benefits apply to people of different genders and age groups. Aloe vera is a very popular plant due to its amazing health properties. This makes it a very good target for plant supplement and beauty products manufacturers. Most of these manufacturers target unsuspecting and desperate customers with unrealistic health claims. This is done to attract these customers who will in turn have unrealistic expectations for their conditions. So, you need to be informed about the real evidence backed Aloe vera health benefits for men, before gobbling up on the advertising nonsense from manufacturers of health and beauty products.

What makes aloe vera health? Taking a look at the active compounds

You should know that all the health and medicinal benefits of a plants come from the active compounds that each plant contains. Studies show that there are over 75 active compounds in Aloe vera and some of these may be responsible for its health and medicinal properties. These compounds include saponins, enzymes, sugars, amino acids, proteins, minerals and vitamins among others.

  • Vitamins: Aloe vera contains vitamin C, E and provitamin A which are all antioxidant which neutralise damaging free radicals. It also contains folic acid, choline and vitamin B12.
  • Enzymes: it also contains several enzymes including bradykinase which reduces inflammation when you topically apply it to the skin.
  • Minerals: Aloe vera contains various minerals including calcium, chromium, manganese, selenium, potassium and zinc among others. Some of the minerals are important for certain enzymes to function, some are antioxidants and others are important for certain metabolic functions.
  • Healthful sugars: it also contains several healthful sugars. Aloe vera gel contains alprogen a glycoprotein with antiallergic properties. It also contains C-glucosyl chromone a powerful anti-inflammatory compound.
  • Anthraquinones: Aloe vera contains 12 anthraquinones that act as laxatives that helps in regulate bowel movements. Some of the compounds aloin and emodin also has analgesic, antiviral and antibacterial properties.

These are only some of the most important compounds you can find in Aloe vera. These compounds and many others are responsible for the health and beautifying properties of Aloe vera. Now, lets discuss Aloe vera benefits for men!

Aloe vera benefits for men

Aloe vera has a lot of benefits for men and everyone who uses it as a beautifying agent or as a medicinal plant. It has its roots in ancient Greek and Egyptian medicine. And also in Chinese and Japanese traditional medicine. Here are some of the most common Aloe vera benefits for men and women.

Aloe vera has amazing healing properties to heal injuries

Research shows that topical application of Aloe vera can help you with wound healing. The mechanism of action involves the strengthening of collagen formation and composition during wound healing. This helps in strengthening the new wound tissue and prevent it from breaking. This means that once your wound has been healed, it will be difficult for it to be broken. In simple terms Aloe vera can help improve the quality of wound healing as well as accelerate the process.

Has a protective effect on your skin?

Your skin is exposed to various levels of radiation damage each and every day. The most common being UV radiation from the sun as well as from different gadgets that we use. Aloe vera has a protective effect against radiation damage to your skin. So, administration and application of Aloe vera or related products can help keep your skin health and safe from radiation damage.

Can help you fight inflammation

This plant also has strong anti-inflammatory properties. They have the ability to protect the body from chronic inflammation which can lead to disease. One of the most common anti-inflammatory compound is C-glycosyl chromone found in the gel of the herbal plant.

Can help boost and strengthen your immune system and response

Aloe vera can help boost and strengthen the functions of the immune system. Now, when some cells of the immune cells like neutrophils are activated, they can also release damaging oxidative free radicals. Free radicals are highly reactive chemicals that have the potential to damage your organs and tissues. These free radicals are sometimes produced as by-products of the action of your immune cells like neutrophils. Now, Aloe vera contains alprogen and other compounds that are beneficial to your immune system. And some of these compounds can help deal with the deleterious effects of these free radicals.

Has laxative effects

According to the Concise Oxford Dictionary a laxative is a substance that has the tendency to stimulate or facilitate bowel movements. In simple terms, a laxative can help you empty your bowels. Aloe vera is described as one such herbal medicine. Aloe vera latex or gel has compounds called anthraquinones which have powerful laxative properties. Taking Aloe vera can help improve the water content in your intestines, mucus secretion as well as aid the process of peristalsis.

Can help you fight viral infections and tumors

Aloe vera has both direct and indirect effects on viral infections. Indirectly, the herbal medicine can stimulate your immune system to fight viral infections and tumors. However, directly the herbal remedy fights viruses and tumors through anthraquinones. Aloin, one of the anthraquinones in Aloe vera inactivates enveloped viruses such as Herpes simplex and influenza. Compounds in aloe vera have various tumor preventative and protective effects. Therefore, you ca use Aloe vera for herbal cancer or tumor prevention.

Has skin moisturising and antiaging effects

Aloe contains mucopolysaccharides compounds that can help you bind moisture to your skin. Also, Aloe, also stimulates cells that are responsible for the formation of collagen and elastic fibres in your body. These compounds help your skin to look healthy by making it more elastic and less wrinkled. Aloe can help soften your skin, reduce appearance of fine wrinkles, improves skin integrity and has anti acne effects.

Antiseptic effects

This herbal plant contains 6 antiseptic agents like salicyclic acid, urea, cinnamonic acid, phenols and sulphur. And all these compounds can inhibit the growth and proliferation of fungi, bacteria and viruses.

Antihelmintic effect

Aloe is one of the most powerful herbal plants against stomach worms. Oral administration of Aloe or its extracts can help in expelling tapeworms from the bowels within hours. Whilst the taste is not so pleasant, its medicinal properties can speak for itself.

Treat gastroesophageal reflux diseases

Gastroesophageal reflux diseases is a common chronic digestive disease in which gastric acids move up the esophagus. Aloe vera can help you in treating and managing this disease. Taking Aloe vera syrup (10 mL/day) for 4 weeks reduced the symptoms of the diseases like heart burn, food regurgitation, dysphagia, flatulence, belching, nausea and acid regurgitation without causing any side effects

Conditions that can be treated, managed or improved with Aloe vera based on scientific evidence

  • Genital herpes, skin burns and diabetes type 2.
  • HIV infection, cancer prevention and seborrheic dermatitis.
  • Ulcerative colitis, wound healing and psoriasis vulgaris.
  • Pressure ulcers, radiation dermatitis and mucositis.
  • Acne vulgaris, lichen planus and frost bites.
  • Constipation and intestinal worm infestation.

Conditions treated, managed or improved with Aloe vera in traditional medicine

  • Alopecia and skin bacterial and fungal infections.
  • Chronic leg wounds
  • Parasitic infections
  • Arthritis

Potential side effects of aloe vera

Side effects when applied topically and externally:

  • Redness of skin, burning and stinging sensations.

Its best to test the herbal remedy or aloe based products on a small area of the skin to check if you have any side effects to the product.

Side effects when taken orally:

  • Abdominal cramps, diarrhoea and red urine.
  • Herpatitis
  • Worsening of constipation
  • Prolonged use may increase risk of colorectal cancer
  • Not recommended for pregnant mothers because it may stimulate uterine contractions.

Conclusion on benefits of Aloe vera in men

Aloe vera benefits for men and women are numerous. However, there are also side effects to usage of Aloe. This means that this herbal plant is not for everyone. Whilst, it works wonders for others, it can be a nightmare for others. In addition, its best to always test a herbal medicine in small quantities to check how you react to it. What are your experiences with using Aloe? Does it work for you or you never tried it before?

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