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Klucky’s Nutrition Reviews-Blog Benefits of guava leaves sexually

Benefits of guava leaves sexually

Benefits of guava leaves sexually. Sexual health is a burning issue among men of all age groups. No one wants to be told that they fall shot in satisfying their partners sexually. And men always searching for the best remedy to help them improve their sexual performances. Most of the times, men end up being scammed with herbal remedies that either don’t work or those that make their conditions worse.

I have noticed one thing with herbal remedies and nutritional supplements, and if the claims look too good to be true, it’s probably fake. And real herbal remedies usually take time of consistent use to produce results. So, be on the lookout for herbal remedy and nutritional supplement scams, lest you fall victim and lose your money and good health. In this article, I will discuss the benefits of guava leaves sexually. And at the end we will conclude using available evidence. We will try to see if the guava leaves can help you boost your sexual performance.

Benefits of guava leaves sexually.

In folklore medicine, especially in some African localities fresh guava leaves have a special place in treating reproductive health problems. The herbal remedies used are in the form of leaf decoctions. This involves boiling the guava leaves in water and then drink the resulting decoction as the remedy. According to folk medicine the guava leaf decoction remedies have the ability to improve erections and reduce impotence in males.

Let’s take note of the fact that these are only claims made by those who use these remedies. Therefore, my aim is to search for the evidence that supports benefits of guava leaves sexually.

So, what does the evidence say?

There seem to be very few studies that looked at the effectiveness of guava leaves in boosting sexual health.

Now, you need to understand that sex hormones regulate our sexual health. As a result, one of the best way to study the effectiveness of sexual remedies is by looking at their effect on sex hormones.

In a 2010 study in rats, guava leaves where shown to have a better ability to boost sex hormones in males than vitamin C. The study concluded that guava leaf extracts can be recommended for treatment of various male reproductive dysfunctions.

In a 2007 study, guava leaf extracts benefited the sperm health of rats. The extracts from guava leaves protected the sperms from toxicity. This means that they helped maintain the viability of sperm nder toxic conditions. And the study concluded that guava leaves can enhance male fertility due to their higher levels of natural antioxidants.

In a 2013 study in albino rats, guava leaf extracts improved fertility with no toxic side effects. So, the study concluded that guava leaves can help in boosting male fertility with no side effects. In a way according to this study, guava leaves have the ability to improve sexual health.

So, what does the evidence mean?

To be frank, the best evidence we have is oral tradition from folklore medicine practitioners. The scientific evidence that is available in the articles above is a bit on the low side but at least we have it. However, from the few studies available, you can safely say that in one way or the other, guava leaves can affect your sexual health. At least two of the studies show that taking guava leaves improves fertility with no side effects. And the other study showed that guava leaves has a reproductive benefits.


Benefits of guava leaves sexually? The few studies available show that there is a least a benefit to your reproductive and sexual health from taking guava leaves. Guava leaves can protect your sperm from damage as well as boost your sexual health by improving the production of sex hormones. Oral records from folkloric medicine also show that guava leaves improve erections, reduce importance as well as boost fertility. So, in conclusion, guava leaves do have some effect on sexual and reproductive health. I am not sure about how much of an effect they have though.

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