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Klucky’s Nutrition Reviews-Blog Does tissue oil lighten skin?

Does tissue oil lighten skin?

Does tissue oil lighten the skin? Well, that is a very good question. This is the second article that covers tissue oil. Previously I explained the function of tissue oils and it’s not to lighten your skin. The purpose of most tissue oils is to improve your skin health by improving its barrier properties. So, originally tissue oils were never about skin lightening but the skin health, the acne and the dermatitis etc.

However, some producers of tissue oil started adding skin lightening agents to the tissue oil in response to the demand in African markets. In many parts of Africa a lighter skin is beauty and youth. So, people prefer cosmetic products that tend to lighten skin, hence the skin lightening tissue oils.

So, how does the tissue oil lighten the skin?

Normal tissue oil is made from the omega 3 oils of different plant species. These are usually in the form extracted plant oils and essential oils. These oils have a health promoting property on your skin. They tend to help remove skin dryness, acne, improve barrier properties and maintaining a smooth skin tone.

Now, your skin produces this dark compound called melanin which gives it the dark colour. So, if your skin produces too much melanin, your skis in tone probably darker. This means that those with lighter skin do not produce as much melanin. This melanin also offers a protection against the sun’s UV radiation. And will talk about this with a little bit of detail down below. Now, for you to become lighter, you must find ways to deal with this melanin.

So, how does the cosmetic industry do it?

So, to produce skin lightening products, the cosmetic industry focuses on to area. The first areas is finding ways to prevent production of melanin and the second focuses on bleaching the melanin that you already have. Both these methods utilise chemically aggressive lightening methods that also end up harming the user of the products in the long run. The most common lightening cosmetics utilise hydroquinone, kojic acid and mercury compounds to aggressively bleach the skin and stop melanin production. And such compounds are carcinogenic as a result in the long run users may develop cancerous skin conditions. Also, there are many cases of people who have bleached their skin conditions suffering the most during different cases of accidents.

However, all is not lost. There are also less harmful plant extracts that has been incorporated into skin lightening tissue oils. One study showed that plant extracts from Aloe barbadensis, Rheum rhaponticum, and Helianthus annuus dissolved in vegetable oils had skin lightening properties. The researchers believed that these plant based are much safer than the synthetic lightening agents. However, I am not really sure about the effectiveness of these natural lighteners though. However, I bet that they are not as aggressive as the synthetic ones, therefore the results may not be as pleasing as those produced by the aggressive synthetic lighteners.

So, does tissue oil make the skin lighter?

Yes! Some tissue oils can actually facilitate skin lightening. Different cosmetic companies utilise different compounds as their bleaching agents. If you really feel that you need to lighten your skin you can go for the lightening tissue oil. However, if you feel like you don’t need it please don’t. I don’t think the risks are worth it. You can play it safe by always checking the ingredients list and search for the most harmful compounds mentioned above. However, the manufacturers usually put the ingredient list in very tiny print that’s so difficult to read. So, does tissue oil lighten skin? I would say yes some tissue oils do lighten the skin, you may have to check before you buy.


Does tissue oil lighten skin? Yes, some tissue oils do. However, I recommend that you weigh the pros and cons of lightening the skin before you use such tissue oils. Whilst such measures work for now, I don’t think you will like the way your skin will age or behave in the future. But what do in know about beauty, it’s just a personal opinion. Tell me what you think in the comment section.

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