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Klucky’s Nutrition Reviews-Blog How to use guava leaves for flat tummy

How to use guava leaves for flat tummy

Can you use guava leaves for flat tummy? Getting rid of body fat is the need of many people. If someone were to produce a remedy for getting rid of body fat easily, they would be the richest person on earth. Whilst, it’s very easy to gain some weight, losing the gained weight is not easy at all. The main cause of gaining fat and body fat is the diet and a sedentary lifestyle.

However an imbalance in the hormones in women may result in an increase in body fat and weight. Thus women who use certain types of contraceptives accumulate a lot of body fat. The fat usually accumulates around the abdomen, below the stomach area. And this usually disrupts the perfect body image. As a result, people are always searching for better ways for removing abdominal body fat and remain with a flat tummy. In this article I will explain how to use guava leaves for flat tummy.

Does guava leaves work for flat tummy?

Before we find a way to efficiently use guava leaves for flat tummy, we need to know if the remedy works. It does not make sense to know how to use guava leaves for flat tummy when the remedy does not work.

From what I have researched, evidence shows that extracts from guava leaves reduced the body and lipid weight of obese mice. This means that extracts from the guava leaves as an ability to get rid of lipids on mice. A 2012 study showed that after a 6 week treatment, body weight gain was lower in mice that had been treated by guava leaves. The study showed that taking guava leaf extract may lower the amount of fat deposited in your body.

Another study in 2017 also showed that if you use guava leaf extracts, they can improve your cardiovascular health, insulin sensitivity and vascular functions.

So what does this mean?

Well, these are the two articles I found on the topics. I would say that the possibility is there for guava leaves to help you get a flat tummy. However, I believe that the evidence and support for this notion is a bit inconclusive. So, using guava leaves alone for getting a flat tummy might not yield expected results. However, this does not mean that guava leaves can have no contribution to your weight loss journey.

How to use guava leaves for flat tummy

As I said, you can still use guava leaves for your journey to a flat tummy. However, you have to include this in routine that aims to get rid of your body fat and weight loss. This routine must include reasonable dieting not starving, you need a healthy diet that facilitates weight loss whilst not forcing to quit. You can start by limiting the intake of processed and junk foods, they are the main contributors to fat and weight gain. Processed foods contain lots of energy but low satiety. This only means that you eat more to get full and gain more energy which is converted to the fat that accumulates on your tummy!

You must also make use of a strict exercise regimen that helps you in burning fat. I advise you to find something funny but gets the job done. For some time I had trouble following an exercise regime but there was one thing I never got tired of and that was rope skipping. I would always find time to skip the rope even though I didn’t want to exercise. I started poorly, but then I started getting skills and could go up to 300 skips per time. It’s not impossible, just find something you love doing and burn that fat.  

A more extreme way

A more extreme way of burning fat through exercise is manual labor. The type they do in construction linked to a healthy diet. I remember that at one time I started having this fatty layer around my abdomen. I didn’t know what to do and didn’t trust any remedy but then my mom became a lifesaver. She called me and told me that she wanted help with harvesting her groundnuts. We had to dig them out of the hard ground. I went there and started digging and in one week the belly fat disappeared and I became a conqueror. If you are for extreme measures, this one really works and I have no single shred of doubt.

Now, for how you use your guava leaves with the above measures for weight loss

Sorry, I always want to give a proper explanation so I tend to take longer to get to the real point. So, the main aim is to know how to properly utilise guava leaves for your flat tummy. There are several ways in which you can make use of guava leaves as a herbal remedy.

The first method is to make a tea from the dried or green leaves of the guava tree. This is a good method if you want milder remedies that are not too strong. I am not sure about the efficacy, but such a remedy tastes less bitter than the stronger remedies.

For the stronger remedies, you can make use of decoction teas and infusions. To make a decoction tea boil the dry or fresh guava leaves in hot water for 5 minutes. Decoction brews are stronger remedies than teas. This is because the extraction is stronger in boiling water and more medicinal compounds are extracted. However it also means that the resulting brew has a stronger taste and is more potent. As a result, risks of over dosages are hire and you may need to dilute such remedies.

For cold water infusion remedies, you must crush and soak the guava leaves in cold water overnight. You may also stir the mixture regularly to allow proper extraction. The infusions will also produce stronger remedies.

How to take guava leaves for flat tummy

As I said earlier, you need the guava leaves remedy to aid your fat loss journey, you cannot rely on the remedy alone. This means that for the guava leaves to be effective, you need to use it in combination with other measures some of which I have mentioned above. Also, I do not recommend that you add sugar to the remedies to improve their taste or reduce the bitterness. This is because sugar is one of the major contributors to fat gain so we actually need to avoid it as much as suitable.

Since, you need to lose fat, and the two studies I mentioned above say that guava leaves have some fat burning properties, it may be better to drink the remedy in the morning before eating anything. I also think that for better results you need to use the remedy together with other effective measures like reasonable dieting, exercising, intermittent fasting and staying away from sugar dense super refined foods. Now I hope you know how to use guava leaves for flat tummy.


Getting a flat tummy is almost every girl’s dream but it’s not very easy if I am to be frank. Many people dream about getting a perfect body and a flat tummy but only a few achieve it. It takes more than an herbal remedy to lose the fat that you have gained. It takes commitment, discipline, a desire to succeed and a large dose of determination. However, the best thing is that it’s also achievable! So, get you house in order, get those guava leaves and prepare the best remedy from guava leaves and embark on a successful journey to your perfect flat tummy. I hope you now know the truth about how to use guava leaves for flat tummy.

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