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Klucky’s Nutrition Reviews-Blog Muzeze tree medicinal uses and benefits

Muzeze tree medicinal uses and benefits

In Zimbabwe there has a multitude of different medicinal herbs that you can use to treat and heal several diseases. Muzeze (Peltophorum africanum) is just one in the multitudes of medicinal herbs that you can find in the Zimbabwean veld. I have realised in recent months that there are many people who seem to be searching for Muzeze tree medicinal uses. So, I had to give answers to those who needed them like I always do. In this article, I will try to take a look and help you understand how muzeze tree helps in treating and healing different diseases.

Muzeze tree medicinal uses

Goes by many Shona names which include dzedze, musambanyoka, mutandarombo, mupumhamauva, nyakambariro and nyamanyoka.

In isiNdebele muzeze goes by the names umsehla and umkahla.

In English Muzeze tree goes by the name African wattle.

The tree occurs naturally in many parts of Zimbabwe, Angola. Botswana, South Africa, Eswatini, Zambia and DRC.

Muzeze tree medicinal uses

Different parts of muzeze tree have different medicinal uses. Information from the Tree Society of Zimbabwe show that muzeze tree has the following uses:

  • You can use the roots extracts to heal wounds, toothaches and throat sores.
  • You can also use the roots, leaves and bark extracts to clear intestinal parasites like tape worms and round worms.
  • The roots, leaves and barks can also help you to relieve intestinal and stomach problems.
  • You can use muzeze bark to relieve colic which refers to a severe pain in abdomen due to obstruction or wind.
  • For treating diarrhoea and dysentery, you need to use muzeze stem and roots.

In another Zimbabwean study on traditional use of medicinal plants, researchers proved that muzeze tree has several medicinal uses which included the following:

  • You can use the bark, leaves or root extracts as syphilis medicine. You can prepare the medicine by infusing the bark, leaves or root in water. If these parts are boiled in hot water a more powerful decoction brew is made. For a milder remedy, you need to immerse the bark, leaves or root in cold water overnight. Drinking such a remedy can help you in healing syphilis.
  • If you extract the roots as a decoction or cold-water infusion, you can use it as a remedy for diarrhoea or STI medicine. You can take the remedy orally.

The root extract of muzeze is also used as:

  • Eye drops for sore eyes.
  • Mouth wash to wash teeth when you have persistent tooth aches.
  • Panacea and for treating venereal diseases.
  • It can also act against many different bacteria that cause diseases.
  • Cough medicine
  • If you mix the roots of muzeze with Elephantorrhiza goetzei, you can use it as a bilharzia remedy.

Muzeze tree leaf extract can also be drunk as a medicine for menorrhagia.


Like many other different herbal and medicinal remedies, its’ not highly recommended for people to take the medicine without the advice of traditional medicine practitioners. And whatever you take must also be correctly in line with the recommendations of the practitioner to avoid cases of poisoning and overdose. Muzeze tree is one of the common herbal trees whose medicinal uses still remain common in Zimbabwe. That is why I wrote about muzeze tree medicinal uses in this article. If you have any additions and comments, please feel free to leave a comment down below.

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