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Welcome to Klucky’s Nutrition Reviews

Welcome to my nutrition and wellness website. I promise to give you a nutrition journey of a lifetime.

Nutrition related diseases have become more dominant over the years. This has been shown to be caused by various factors. An increase in the consumption of highly processed foods is one of the factors. Due to globalization, people have adopted newer eating habits as well as various foreign cultures. As a result they neglect healthy dietary habits and favour the trendy ones. The problem is that the trendy is not always healthy! If I look back to the Africa of 1900 and today, I will see different dietary patterns.

Nutrition of the old!

Native Africans of the old rarely ate these processed foods available. I remember my grandmother’s odd looking and unappealing recipes. The odd looking good tasting food she used to cook for me. She would reminisce about the tasty long lost natural delicacies. Our ancestors used to live up two 100 years and beyond. Did they eat pudding, breakfast cereals or pizzas? No! Their diet was built from herbs of the wild, fruits of the velds and animals of the forests. Whole grain pearl, sorghum and finger millet were the norm of the day.

I remember this other day. I was discussing eating habits of teenagers especially ladies with my cousin. The nutritional needs of teenagers are so high and what do they eat? Yes, you guessed right, loads of snacks and super processed foods. Some of them can even go for days eating just popcorn and a few flavoured snacks. Ask me what they are doing to their bodies? I will answer you, they are consuming their own bodies from the inside out!

What is the nutrition solution

Did I say let’s go back to hunting and gathering? No! That would be ridiculously crazy. So what is the solution? The best solution to healthy nutrition is to closely monitor your food choices. Yes, it’s very possible! Let’s eat healthy and see if our lifestyles can improve. A healthy diet is the better medicine. Do you want to see 100 years like my fellow Africans of the old? Me too! Let us, I mean you and me, dear reader. Let us help each other discover the best way to a healthy lifestyle nutritiously. Remember to subscribe for the best nutritional drive you will ever see!


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