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Klucky’s Nutrition Reviews-Blog The best Shona herbs for treating stomach problems

The best Shona herbs for treating stomach problems

Humans have been using plants as medicine since prehistoric times. This did not end there as even many components of modern medicine are plant-based. Or they are at least artificial replacements of plant-based compounds used as medicine. We have all seen how the Chinese people value their traditional medicine. And surprisingly they have been practising and spreading it all over the world. However, traditional African medicine has been lost to history. This also includes critical information on potent Zimbabwean Shona herbs used in traditional medicine.

Shona herbs for treating stomach problems
Shona herbs for treating stomach problems

Most of the herbs that remain are common and less powerful ones. This includes the number of the Zimbabwean Shona herbs. Only a limited number of true traditional healers remain. So, each day Africa is losing critical information on its traditional herbs. And Africa is also losing these traditional medical plants to extinction and religious ridicule. This problem is faced by many traditional herbs in Zimbabwe. In this article, I will discuss the best Shona herbs for treating stomach problems in Zimbabwe.

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Shona herbs for treating stomach problems

For more information on these Shona herbs please check the links below.

Also check for more information on these plants on the Zimbabwe Flora Website by clicking the blue text in this sentence. You can search for individual plants on the Zimbabwe Flora Website.

1.Chifumuro (Dicoma anomala) Shona herbs

You can use the bulbous roots of this Shona herb to treat stomach problems and stomach upset. Chifumuro is also regarded as a remedy for many diseases. To use Chifumuro for stomach problems, crush the bulb or bulbous root and mix it with water. After this, boil the mixture to make a chifumuro decoction. You can drink this decoction solution or mixture to treat stomach problems.

Note: A herb decoction is made by boiling the specific herbs in water for 5 minutes or more.

2.Chirindamatongo (Catharanthus Roseus)

This is one of the best Shona herbs for treating stomach problems. The roots of the chirindamatongo herb are used for treating stomach aches. All you have to do is to first get the roots of the chirindamatongo Shona herb. After that, take the roots and crush them. You can then put the crushed roots into a bowel or cup of water and steep them for a few minutes. After steeping the crushed roots you then the drink solution from this mixture.


Unfortunately, I couldn’t find the botanic name for this plant. However, njonjonjo is another Shona herb for treating stomach problems. That is not the only use of njonjonjo because, this herb can also help you to treat all sorts of abdominal pain. Additionally, using this herb is also very easy. All you have to do is to chew the root bulb and swallow the sap.

4.Munimu (Ochna pulchra) shona herbs

The leaves of this Shona herb can treat stomach problems. The munimu leaves can help you treat your stomach issues. There are two different methods for using the munimu herb. You can chew the leaves and swallow the sap to heal yourself. Or you can crush the leaves, mix them with water and drink the mixture solution twice per day.

5.Mubikasadza (Rhus Dentala)

This group of Shona herbs has many uses in Zimbabwean traditional medicine. This is because you can use it to treat all sorts of ulcers, diarrhoea and all sorts of stomach problems. Also using this Zimbabwean traditional herb is very easy. All you have to do is get fresh leaves from the plant and chew them. After chewing the leaves thoroughly, you then have to swallow the sap.

6.Ruhwahwa (Schkuhria pinnata) shona herbs

Whole plants of ruhwahwa have uses in traditional herbal remedies for your stomach problems. Ruhwahwa plays a critical role in the traditional treatment of stomach pains. To use ruhwahwa, take the whole plant and place it in water. After this you must then boil this plant in water to make a herb decoction. Allow the decoction to cool before drinking it as a treatment for stomach problems.

7.Rurimi rwemombe (Sonchus oleraceus)

This shona herb is an important herb for treating stomach ache and other stomach problems. You can use rurimi rwemombe leaves to ease stomach pains. To use rurimi rwemombe take fresh leaves from the plant and crush them. Put the crushed leaves in a cup of water and drink them.

8.Mukomberwa (Crossopterya febrifuga)

The bark of this Shona herb is said to work wonders for treating dysentery and diarrhea. The preparation of the herb can be a bit complex for you, but it’s not impossible.

All you have to do is to remove the stem bark from the eastern and western sides of the trunk. You must then allow the barks to dry. The dried bark is then crushed into a fine powder. You can then add this powder to a porridge.

9.Mubvumira (Kirkia acuminata) shona herbs

This is one of the best Shona herb for stomach problems in Zimbabwe. Many uses are reported for the use of this traditional herb in treating stomach ailments. According to available information, you can use mubvumira to treat diarrhoea, cholera, dysentery and constipation.  To use the herb, you must carefully remove the bark from the western and eastern sides of the tree trunk. Mix the bark with water and boil the mixture to make a strong decoction. You then cool this decoction and drink it.

However, this is not all. You can also dry the bark of the tree before crashing it into a fine herb powder. You can also take this powder and mix it with your food. This is another effective way of using this shona herb in herbal remedies.

The fruit juice is also applied to any part bitten by a snake. Therefore the fruit juice acts as a snake bite antidote. You can also apply the fruit juice of this traditional herb to wounds to heal them.

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10.Musambasi (Lennea edulis)

This Shona herb has thick underground roots. The bark of these underground roots is used to treat diarrhoea. First you need to dry the bark of the roots and then put the root in water. This steeped mixture is then drunk as a remedy for diarrhoea.

11.Ruvavashuro (Indigofera setflora)

This herb is a good herbal treatment for diarrhoea problems. If you have a problem with diarrhoea then you can use this herb for treatment. The roots of this tree have diarrhoea-treating properties. You first take the roots of ruvavashuro and crush them. After that, you then put the crushed roots in a cup of water. You leave the mixture to stand and drink it after some time.

12.Marubhani Shona herbs

This herbal plant has bulbous roots that are used to prevent and treat cholera. The herbal remedy is made by taking the bulbous roots and drying them. You then take the dried roots and grind them into a fine powder. You must take a teaspoon of this powder and mix it with food. Eating this food then prevents and treats your cholera problems.


If you have problems with constipation then this is one of the best shona herbs. This herb is traditionally used to treat constipation problems. You prepare the herb by taking fresh roots and crushing them. The crushed roots are then put in water. The mixture is boiled to make a strong decoction that you can drink.

14.Mupasa (Brachylaena rotunda)

The leaves of this plant are used as a traditional ulcer remedy in Zimbabwe. Using this traditional Shona herb of Zimbabwe is very easy. All you need to do is to get the fresh leaves of the plant. You then chew these leaves and swallow the juice that they produce. You must do this 3 times every day .

15. Mutodzvo (Leonotis leonurus)

You can produce a herbal remedy for duodenal ulcers using mutodzvo leaves. To make this remedy, take fresh leaves and chew them for some time until you have some sap in your mouth. Swallow the sap because it is your herbal remedy.

16.Mukomberwa (Crossopteryx febrifuga) Shona herbs

You use bark of this traditional Shona herb for treating several bowel problems. The herbal remedy is prepared in a very simple way. First, you get a fresh bark from the stem of the plant. You then dry this bark and grind it into a powder. This powder is your remedy for bowel problems. After getting the powder to take a horn and insert it into the rectum. You must then blow the medicine into your body using the horn.

17.Chizuzu (Malytenus heterophylla)

For the treatment of abdominal pains, you must use this Shona herb called chizuzu. The leaves of chizuzu have a traditional use in treating abdominal pain. To do this get fresh leaves and chew them. The sap produced by the chewed leaves works as a remedy for abdominal pain when swallowed.

18.Nhindiri (Hypoxis vigidula)

This is one of the universal traditional herbs in Zimbabwe. This is because it is useful for the treatment of the whole body. The root is a bulb which you must use.

You must wash this root bulb and bite a small piece. Chew this small piece of nhindiri bulb root until you have some sap in your mouth. Swallow this sap as it is your herbal remedy for different ailments in your body.

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Conclusion on Shona herbs for treating stomach problems

While modern medicine is more convenient and quick-acting. It does not always solve some problems. Some scholars believe that most forms of modern medicine prolong illness whilst damaging other parts of the body. Others believe that modern medicine does heal the body tissues completely nor does it treat the root cause of disease. However, especially most modern forms of medicine treats the symptoms of diseases not the root cause. Therefore, the Shona people of Zimbabwe need to preserve their indigenous Shona herbs. Its always good to utilise indigenous herbs as part of herbal remedies and medicine. For herbs may slowly heal or prevent diseases.

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