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Klucky’s Nutrition Reviews-Blog Sweet potato chips: How good are they?

Sweet potato chips: How good are they?

When we see French fries or what we commonly know as potato chips, we say that they are junk and unhealthy foods. And in recent years many people have sort to find healthier alternative to French fries. Hence, the sweet potato chips enter the food scene.

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Now, are sweet potato chips healthier than French Fries?

The answer is obviously yes! The healthiness of sweet potato chips comes from the main ingredient which is in sweet potato tubers. Now, we have discussed sweet potatoes before and we all now know how healthy they are. Especially when we refer to those sweet potato tubers with colored flesh. They differ from your common potato tubers both in terms of their nutritional and phytochemical content. Sweet potatoes are nutritionally richer than common potatoes even after peeling the skin. Sweet potatoes also offer a better satiety than your Irish potatoes due to their lower rate of digestion. This means that someone who eats sweet potatoes will stay full for longer.

Now, let’s compare the chips

Now, the main nutrient in both sweet potatoes and potatoes is starch. However, the type and levels of starch in the 2 different tubers differs. Naturally, your sweet potato will have more starch than the common Irish potato. This is significant because it is one of the factors that is going to greatly affect the texture and taste of your chips.

What to expect

 As I said, don’t try the sweet potato chips with the expectation of the same taste as that of potato chips or French fries because you will be disappointed. Sweet potato chips are more starchy, sweet and less crispy than the potato ones. The deliciousness of these chips will depend on you and the recipe you use as well as the variety of the sweet potato. To be frank, I didn’t really like their taste, maybe it’s because I expected the familiar potato taste which is unrealistic. However, I only dipped them in hot oil without a specific recipe. For, healthy reasons I think, sweet potato chips are worth a try.

Sweet potato chips vs. potato chips nutrition

Boiling both sweet potatoes and regular potatoes in unsalted water shows that the nutritional composition of the two tubers after cooking. Boiled sweet potatoes after peeling contain more calories, carbohydrates and fats than regular boiled potatoes. However, the regular boiled potato contains a higher protein content. In terms of micronutrients boiled sweet potatoes come out on top in terms of vitamin C, magnesium, calcium, iron and phosphorous. On the other hand boiled regular potatoes has more potassium, vitamin B1 and folic acid.

So, is a sweet potato better than a potato?

Not so much! The best thing about potatoes is that their starch is not as easily digestible than that of potatoes. So, what may make them better is their effect on satiety and post meal blood sugar levels. This means you can prevent regular eating, unhealthy snacking and have more satiety. Sweet potatoes also have more of healthful phytochemicals than regular potatoes. So, I am forced to vote in favour of the sweet potatoes.

A recipe to try

So, when I was globetrotting through the internet I came across an interesting sweet potato chip recipe by Simone Hulstone:

Ingredients: 4 sweet potatoes, ¼ tsp ground cumin, 75 ml of vegetable oil, 1 tsp salt, ¼ tsp black pepper

  1. Preheat the oven to 180oC/gas mark 4. Also peel and cut the sweet potatoes into chips and cover with the cumin, salt, pepper and oil in a bowl.
  2. Spread the chips flat onto your baking tray. And place the tray into the oven and cook for 30-40 minutes. Shake your tray at 10 minute intervals.
  3. Remove the chips from your oven once they are fully cooked and serve hot.

Well that’s it. I haven’t really tried this recipe but I am sure going to try it. Why don’t you try it and see what it can do to your sweet potato fries. I believe the taste of the sweet potato chips will be much better.

Conclusion on sweet potato chips

If you are fed up with potato fries and want to try something healthier, you have to try the sweet potato chips. However, be warned because their taste and texture are completely different that of your regular fries. They are just more filling and sweeter than the regular. So, why don’t you explore!

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