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Klucky’s Nutrition Reviews-Blog Zumbani tea for weight loss: Why it’s not the best choice

Zumbani tea for weight loss: Why it’s not the best choice

Zumbani is one of the most important medicinal herbs of Southern Africa. The herb has been widely utilised for its medicinal properties through out the region.  Besides these traditional medicinal uses various studies have supported several pharmacological properties of zumbani. In doing so, people have been asking whether zumbani tea is good for weight loss. While so many people are frenzied by the possibility of using zumbani tea for weight loss, I have my doubts. So I decided to look at the supporting evidence which I am going to unveil now.  So, is zumbani tea good for weight loss or not?

Can you use zumbani tea for weight loss?

When I was researching about zumbani tea and its benefits, I never thought about the possibility of using it for weight loss. In the last few months, I have received a lot of inquiries concerning using zumbani for weight loss.

I have decided to enlighten everyone on the possibility of zumbani as a weight loss remedy. The only problem with zumbani tea is that it’s biochemical composition is different from that of other green teas. Zumbani tea is caffeine free unlike green tea. Caffeine  is one of the fat burning constituencies of other green teas. This is because caffeine increases the energy that the body uses. Green tea also contains catechins which can break down excess fats in the body. All these compounds are not present in zumbani, and if they are present the values are insignificant. Therefore, the possibility of using zumbani tea for weight loss becomes questionable.

If you used zumbani tea effectively for weight loss, they may have been something else at play. However, below I explain how  zumbani tea may be a useful tool for your weight management.

So, what does zumbani have?

Tannins in zumbani tea

Zumbani tea is rich in tannins which are a group of polyphenolic compounds. These tannins are plant derived organic compounds found in the bark, fruit skins, seeds and leaves of plants. These compounds maybe useful as a dietary aid for weight loss. This is because tannins interfere with the digestion of food substances. As a result they interfere with absorption and digestion of nutrients. 

Tannins also act as antinutrients. This is because they can bind with carbohydrates, proteins and enzymes in food digestion. This makes them unavailable for absorption in the body. This may reduce weight gain and improve weight loss. However more evidence is also needed to support this.

Some studies show that a high tannin diet causes weight loss. This weight loss is linked to the protein binding capacity. This is worrying because this means its possible for you to also lose your lean body mass.

So, taking tannins into consideration, its possible for zumbani tea to work with other efforts to induce weight loss.

Phenolic compounds

Zumbani is rich in phenolic compounds like gallic acids and epicatechins. Catechins are known  to have weight loss effects. Some of them have the ability to reduce food intake. Catechins are one of the main polyphenols in black and green teas. And they are some of the contributors to the weight loss activities of these teas. For zumbani the only mention of catechins is in the form of epicatechins.

Studies show that zumbani is rich in polyphenols. The studies measure the polyphenols in gallic acid equivalent. And there are various studies on the antiobesity effects of gallic acid.

Some studies support that zumbani tea has anti obesity properties. In other  words it helps in preventing or limiting weight gain.

Linalool in zumbani tea for weight loss

Linalool is one of the bioactive compounds in zumbani. This compound has the capability to reduce weight gain. It also has the ability to reduce blood triglyceride levels.

Contain limonene

This compound is responsible for the lemon like flavour of zumbani. Limonene can reduce triglyceride levels in the body. This is good for your heart health. This may also play a part in the claims for weight loss capabilities.  However, there is no evidence to support the claims.

Body weight altering activities

A study in rats showed that oral intake  of zumbani reduced their overall body weight. It also altered the body weight to organ ratios.

Zumbani for weight loss , does it work

Phytochemicals in zumbani may affect  your body weight by manipulating energy expenditure. They may also induce weight reduction. This is done through suppressing  your appetite and enhancing your satiety.

Some of the phytochemicals in zumbani may block fat and glucose absorption. Or they may help reduce your food intake through manipulating your satiety or appetite. Reducing  fatty acid synthesis may help in reducing your weight gain. Some compounds of zumbani may be capable of doing this.

So, how do you use zumbani for weight loss?

Replace your favourite drinks  with zumbani

Taking zumbani tea instead of sweetened black teas. Zumbani teas may be taken without sugar.  And this may reduce calorie intake. Zumbani tea has a very low calorific value. You can also replace your favourite soft drinks with the herbal tea.

Taking a cup of sugar free zumbani tea before meals

This may help induce the appetite and satiety controlling activities of zumbani if there are any. As a result, you will eat less food or calories.

Take the tea regularly but responsibly

No quantity of zumbani tea is going to make you lose weight alone. This means this tea, if it works for you, may contribute a very tiny figure to your weight loss. The evidence is just not there. I have looked for testimonials and I couldn’t find any. Therefore there is no need for you to abuse zumbani tea. So, a single cup daily should be okay. Just don’t, over do it!

Potential side effects of zumbani tea

Strong doses of zumbani can have deleterious effects to health. The leaf parts of zumbani plants are mildly toxic. This is due to the presence of Lippia lactone a slightly toxic compound. The toxicity is mild in mammals. Like any other foods too much zumbani tea is potentially harmful. The triterpenoids can cause jaundice through liver damage.

Conclusion on zumbani tea for weight loss

Does zumbani tea help in weight loss? I have looked at the literature and I may say the evidence is inconclusive. To me weight loss is not a one day job, its a lifestyle. So, no dosage of zumbani or any herbal tea for that matter may help you with weight loss alone. If you don’t incorporate weight loss in your life style nothing will work for you. No remedy will save you. Even if you take those cheap and harmful shrink juices, you will just gain that weight back in a few months back. No remedy or weight loss plan will save you. However, if you make weight loss part of your lifestyle you will maintain a stable weight after losing weight. That’s the super combo.

To cut it shot zumbani tea may work for weight loss but not as a stand alone remedy but as part of a lifestyle. Therefore zumbani tea for weight loss is a good idea that may work for as good your resolve! Any questions? Leave a comment!

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